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Audrey has been writing music since her teen years.  She has her own publishing company, Mother Mode Music, whose catalogue of instrumental pieces is monitored by ASCAP.  Her instrumental pieces have enjoyed recorded performance all over the world.

Since moving to Seattle in May of 2013,  she’s been writing and performing songs that reflect the challenging political issues of our day, with  humour and depth.  Additionally, she continues to write new songs in various genres, about life, love, birth, death, and furry toes.    She’s on the board of Songwriters in Seattle, and you can find her performing around town now and again with talented friend musicians as “Audrey and a Cast of Thousands”.

Audrey at Far WestFINAL SiS Songwriter Showcase Poster Size August 18 2018 Jpg (1)Audrey at Den1Audrey at Couth6Couth Buzzard sep 2 2017

Published Titles in ASCAP catalogue:

Bright Eyes

New Day

Feelin Fine

Lazy Sunday

Thinking of You

Urban Fantasy


Cassie’s Song